Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 21: Irrevocable Blessing

Today's Reading: Romans 11:1-32

What might make you uncomfortable:

The mystery of God's call upon Israel is a challenge to Bible students across the generations.

Today's Devotional:

The key passage of today's reading is found in Romans 11:29. God's gifts and callings are "irrevocable." When God gives us good things, He entrusts these things to us to manage. We see this reality in how God gave Adam the earth to manage and take dominion over.

God gave Israel a special blessing and trusted them to manage it. Paul reiterates in today's reading the special blessing on the Hebrew people.

Here are some of the amazing statements Paul makes regarding Israel in today's reading:

  • God "foreknew" them (11:2). Before the foundation of the world He knew everything that would happen with Israel and He chose them anyway.
  • A "remnant" remains (11:5). Even at the present time a small number of the Hebrew people are saved by Grace and entrusted with the message of the Gospel.
  • God allowed Israel to be in a "stupor" and "darkened" their spiritual understanding because of their unbelief (11:8-10).
  • Because of Israel's sin, salvation came to the Gentiles (11:11).
  • God's grace amongst the Gentiles should make the Hebrew people envious.
  • All the nations of the Gentiles must be reached before God will deal with Israel (11:25).

Isn't it amazing how the gifts and calls are God are irrevocable? God trusts us with amazing blessing. Our goal is the manage and steward what God gives us.

Because God is good, He will accomplish the promises He gave Israel, but because of Israel's unbelief, discipline came upon their nation. This Bible mystery can be hard to grasp but one thing is sure: He gives us gifts and callings freely, through grace.

Because our gifts and callings are given through grace we cannot lose them through performance. Love never fails. God never gives up. There are always second chances.


Is there a blessing or calling in your life that you believe you have "lost?" How could you live differently today in light of today's passage?

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