Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 10: Back to the Garden

Romans 5:12-21

What might make you uncomfortable:

According to Scripture, all people are born with an innate desire and predisposition to sin. We inherited this desire from our forefather, Adam.

Today's Devotional:

Author's Note: Have you read or heard the account the Bible gives regarding the beginning of mankind? If not, you may want to pause this devotional to read Genesis 1-3 in the Old Testament. Today's devotional and reading in Romans draws extensively on the Genesis account of creation.

This section of Romans 5 points readers back to the Garden of Eden, to God's creation of men and women. The creation story informs our view of salvation today because it's in the Garden of Eden that man fell, entering into sin and leaving God's original intent.

Paul's summary of Genesis 1-3 answers a few questions for readers: How did Jesus' death on the cross set right the sin that happened on the cross? What was the effect of Adam's fall into sin on mankind?

In order to answer these questions, Paul contrasts the effects of Adam's sin with the benefits of Christ's sacrifice.

What's the contrast? Through Adam, we all received death (5:12-14). We were born with a disposition towards sin. Adam's "original sin" effects us all and infected mankind like a virus - making all his descendants sinners by nature.

All of mankind needs a Savior because all humans live under the consequences of Adam's sin - being born into spiritual death apart from God.

Through Jesus, we all received life (5:17). When we follow Jesus we trade our disobedience against God with obedience towards God. Although we deserve judgment, we have received the free gift of God's grace. The law, which had the purpose of revealing our sin (5:20), was fulfilled by Jesus' perfect obedience.

The Bible describe Jesus as the "second Adam" (1 Corinthians 15:45). He obeyed God when we couldn't to set right what happened in the Garden. We now live in "grace," "righteousness," and "eternal life" (5:21). Praise be to God!


Have you ever considered that you were born with a disposition to sin? What sins have you naturally gravitated towards since birth? Have you brought those habits and behaviors under the authority of Christ? Jesus died to set you free!

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